Concerned Theatre Japan: A pioneering English-language magazine about 1970’s Japanese theatre

Thanks, And thanks, and ever thanks for making Concerned Theatre Japan digitally available!
I was one of those ‘lonely theatre scholars’ (albeit second generation, researching Japanese avantgarde theater with a Monbusho scholarship from 1980-1982) and have cherished the copies of Concerned Theatre Japan ever since David Goodman was kind enough to present me with a full set way back when!

Tokyo Stages

Today students of Japanese post-war and contemporary theatre are fortunate to have numerous resources at their disposal. While much more needs to be done — and I hope this blog has also made its own humble but useful contribution — before griping over any lack of translations and articles, we should first consider the pitiful state the lonely theatre scholar found himself or herself in were they so foolish enough as to attempt a study of Japanese performing arts several decades ago.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s, while the angura movement boomed and troupes such as Tenjō Sajiki toured the globe, almost nothing substantial was available in print, with one notable exception. Edited by David G. Goodman, Concerned Theatre Japan was pioneering magazine that was practically the only resource in English about angura theatre until Goodman himself and others began publishing play anthologies and other scholarly books from the 1980’s…

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